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6 months agoWhen tuning your strategies, don’t forget to take the set leverage into account, all values will be multiplied by the leverage. We recommend testing such strategies, for expected results, binance futures restricted countries using small order sizes to ensure.Lowering the leverage requires sufficient available funds to cover the open position using the new leverage multiplier.

This is particularly useful when I have multiple positions open in different instruments . if no, please consider adding one as it is of immense help. Is there a similar thing available in the android app? There is one field in the desktop app ( in the futures section ) where real time Unrealized PnL is shown. This "unrealized PnL" help to me to track my account level PnL combining all different positions. if yes please let me know where do I find it..

When clicking on this entry, a drop-down menu will appear (see below). This example shows a long position of 1,18 BTC with an average entry price of 8495. This is the information about your current position, displaying its type: L – long; S – short, the size of the position and what are binance futures the average entry price.

Daha basit cümleler ile açıklamak gerekirse piyasa çok hızlı sıçramalar ve düşüşler yaşadığıda borsanın işlem için hızlıca alıcı veya satıcı bulamayabilir. Eğer sigorta fonu bu durumu karşılayamazsa ADL riski yüksek olan pozları o anki duruma fiyata göre kar yada zarar bakmadan kapatır. Böyle durumlarda işlem açtığınız borsa sigorta fonu olarak ayırdığı bütçeden işleminizi kapamaya hedeflediğiniz emirden kapatmaya çalışır. Ancak bu çok hızlı düşüş ve yükselişlerde söz konusu olan bir durumdur.

Then the price of BNB drops as you expected to $15 and you buy it for $15. Now is the time to honor your contract with the buyer for the predetermined price of $15.1. Since you’ve sold it for binance futures holding fee more than you bought it for you make a profit of $0.1 per BNB sold. Basically when you sell 100 BNB at $15.1 imagine you give the buyer a note saying I’m going to give you 100 BNB at $15.1 at a later date.

Piyasada yukarı veya aşağı yönlü çok büyük fiyat değişimleri olduğunda ve vadeli işlemler için kullanılan sigorta fonu kaybı karşılayamadığında özellikle çok yüksek kaldıraçlı pozisyonlar otomatik olarak kapatılabiliyor.

The mark price is an estimate of the true value of a contract (fair price) when compared to its actual trading price (last price). The mark price calculation prevents unfair liquidations that may happen when the market is highly volatile.

It is not intended to be investment advice and may contain affiliate links. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.

When you have open positions on a perpetual futures market, your PnL is unrealized, meaning it’s still changing in response to market moves. When you close your positions, the unrealized PnL becomes realized PnL (either partially or entirely). PnL stands for profit and loss, binance futures multiple positions and it can be either realized or unrealized.

Also on some days when i have position open but dont close it, only funding fees should be calculated as P&L but when i check transaction history, funding fees are much smaller than the number shown in P&L.

you’ve cancelled them or you’ve been placing orders outside of the Bot — this will set a limit). Limit Close – Sets an order limit for closing an open position (if the position is open but there are no orders i.e.

We highly recommend that you train on the smallest possible orders for a better understanding of the mechanics of the underlying operations. Nevertheless, your Bot may have multiple orders open at the same time in either direction. An executed order ("long" or "short") opens a position, the bot immediately places a counter order for closing ("short" or "long", respectively), similar to Sell orders on regular (spot) trades. A closing order, within the Bot is called a SELL order regardless of whether the order is "long" or "short".

Always keep in mind that the result of any trade may vary up to +=0.2%, always use the aggregate balance for reference. Important : commission calculations, within the Bot, may be wrong due to varying maker/taker commission and varying VIP tiers.

Can anyone explain to me how is that possible, am i missing something? i've looked at transaction history and added/subtracted all profits/losses/funding fees/trade fees for yesterday and the amount shown in P&L analysis is a different number, off by like 30$.

If the market goes down, your short position will gain and binance futures tutorial 2021 compensates the loss of your Bitcoin vs euro. However to avoid paying premium in that case you should close the short once the funding rate reverts to its mean. If the market goes up your bitcoin in your account gains in value and compensates for the loss on your short position while still accumulating premium.

We do not recommend trading on more than one Bot simultaneously because you are running the risk of being short deposit size or increasing your position if such a position was already previously opened by a different Bot. The partial or total closure of a position is possible if another bot opens a position in the oposite direction (position is long, bot opens short or vice-versa).
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