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As large-scale solar power plants begin to be built and put into operation in the world, how to realize accurate and complete collection and long-term preservation of real-time data of many equipments of photovoltaic power plants, how to understand the operation status of power stations in real time, how to meet the upper-level system or power grid The monitoring requirements of the dispatching system are a common concern of the power station owners and the power grid companies. Combined with the new technology of the Internet of Things, a unified monitoring and management system can be constructed to monitor and manage inverters and other equipment of different manufacturers, different types and different types of models, so as to optimize the efficiency of operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants.
PV equipment monitoring mainly focuses on inverters, combiner boxes, electricity meters and environmental conditions. It can be used for equipment based on RS-485/network communication protocol and sensors. Advantech can provide data acquisition gateways and remote acquisition modules that support multiple communication protocols. To quickly collect the status of photovoltaic equipment.
Serial port isolation ensures accurate and reliable data
Breakpoints continue to ensure data integrity
Support multi-protocol / multi-network transmission
Support remote maintenance and upgrade
The decentralized, vast and remote characteristics of photovoltaic equipment, in the case of decentralized equipment, the integration of data in a certain area based on the way of non-network WiFi, and the use of 3G/4G/GPRS communication back to the monitoring center and operation center will help Accelerate the communication network and provide stable transmission quality.
Meizo 4G Router Advantages:
From offering power to the router to accessing internet, only 50 seconds is required.
Rugged router, working well under -35~+70℃
Strong VPN to work with Cisco, Juniper and Huawei
Standard RS232 and RS485 interface
802.11n WIFI supportedM2M Solutions price
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