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Item number:Ø(mm)A/Hole(mm)R/B(mm)C(mm)Material
BH602.00.10.02.R221000/flat20.5AISI 304
BH602.00.10.04.R221000/flat20.5AISI 316
BH602.42.10.02.R221042.4mm20.5AISI 304
BH602.42.10.04.R221042.4mm20.5AISI 316
BH602.00.12.02.R221200/flat20.5AISI 304
BH602.00.12.04.R221200/flat20.5AISI 316
BH602.42.12.02.R221242.4mm20.5AISI 304
BH602.42.12.04.R221242.4mm20.5AISI 316
BH602.00.14.02.R221400/flat20.5AISI 304
BH602.00.14.04.R221400/flat20.5AISI 316
BH602.42.14.02.R221442.4mm20.5AISI 304
BH602.42.14.04.R221442.4mm20.5AISI 316
BH602.00.16.02.R221600/flat20.5AISI 304
BH602.00.16.04.R221600/flat20.5AISI 316
BH602.42.16.02.R221642.4mm20.5AISI 304
BH602.42.16.04.R221642.4mm20.5AISI 316
Cross bar holder for railing system
Stainless steel bar holder for railing system///inox bar holder
Inox connect holder(BH602 R) produced by turning-lathe, as per client’s need to process outer diameter in 22mm, 25mm, also they suit for tube radius can have choice as flat, 33.7mm, 42.4mm, 48.3mm, 50.8mm, especially with Right position for parts to install with 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm rod, and there is AISI304, AISI316, 2205 for choice for different installation scene, another satin surface and mirror surface for your choice.  it’s simple to install with tube and rod by screw directly, manufactured by G-railing. CE EN10090 certificated product.Bar Holder manufacturers
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