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About US
Since set up in 2009, FEELLiFE has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the top global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world.
With modern international standard factory, pharmaceutical grade dust-free workshop and assembly line, FEELLiFE make sure every bottle of e-liquid to meet the requirements of high quality.
Awards & Qualification
FEELLiFE is the first manufacturer who participates in Chinese E-liquid Export Standard setting.
FEELLiFE’s international R&D center, their E-cigarette Research Institution, their intellectual properties, make it awarded with the “National High-Tech Enterprise” from the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the most authoritative affirmation and the national highest honor of science-and-technology enterprise.
FEELLiFE hold fully international certificates such as TUV-MSDS, JFRL … Even obtains the medical CE and cGMP (Dynamic pharmaceutical production management norms) certificates, the highest international pharmaceutical standards which usually only apply to US, EU and Japan.
What’s more, FEELLiFE has its own CNAS certified laboratory, it means FEELLiFE is qualified to do the third-party certification for other manufacturers world-wide.
For E-vaping, FEELLiFE’s Unique Selling Points are for the whole industry chain:
For PCBA – the core chips and software of E-cigarettes, Topsee (FEELLiFE’s branch company) and Microchip developing it together, with complete SMT production line and mass use of Siemens’ SMT;
For E-liquid – over 200 international and domestic patents(PCT), continuous innovations and new products launching are the best indications;
For battery – Vplus (FEELLiFE’s branch company) focus to the most safety Lithium Titanium Oxide battery cell, which by no means get explode even in the case of fire burning; and expected to complete the charge in 10-15 minutes.
FEELLiFE has six sets of CO2 supercritical fluid extraction equipment and industry-leading advanced extraction processes, keeping the tobacco extraction natural,healthy and mellow.
With pioneer monitoring system of the entire industrial chain, FEELLiFE can make sure the high quality of e-liquid in every step. Strict controlling from the start, testing raw material during process, FEELLiFE make sure all the raw material are high-quality pollution-free tobaccos.
Outstanding production management and well-trained workers make FEELLiFE daily production capacity reach 100,000 bottles of e-liquid, and 10 tons of e-liquid in bulk.
Before delivery, FEELLiFE e-liquid products must pass a series of demanding precision testing.
FEELLiFE testing team, using the world’s leading testing equipment, such as GC (Gas Chromatography) and GC-MS (Gas Chromatography and MS-MS), precise analysis and rigorous monitoring for e-liquid, make sure the safety and quality of each batch of products.
R & D Power
FEELLiFE owing a Global R&D Center, going on new substance research, product development and ingredients analysis; combined with professional academic research and the latest market dynamics, FEELLiFE has initiated product and technology innovation and set the trend.
FEELLiFE experienced R&D team research and develop new e-liquid flavors according to customers’ special needs. With the strong research and development abilities,
FEELLiFE has obtained a number of e-liquid formula and technical invention patents, established a solid technical barrier, bringing landmark changes to the e-liquid industry.
Currently, FEELLiFE have already developed more than 1000 flavors selling well in the market, and the research and development is still ongoing.

U.S.A factory
FEELLiFE setting the U.S.A factory based on the purpose of offering short lead time, delivery time and lower freight to customers. The U.S. production and audit standards also give customers greater security and confidence.
FEELLiFE.Inc has taken part in SFATA (the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association), it is going to take part in AEMSA (American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association). FEELLiFE U.S.A factory equipped with the advanced facilities, meets the standard of ISO8.
Quality Control:
FEELLiFE specialize in crafting premium eLiquid refills with the highest graded and quality ingredients. FEELLiFE premium eLiquid Refills are produced using aseptic technique by professionals using only ingredients deemed safe for human consumption.
All our FEELLiFE products are certified and compliant to FDA,TPD,GCC(Bottles), CHIP, RoHS , MSDS, CE , CPT (Child Proof Safety)
 .Our secret formula e liquid Ingredients are tested and screened for purity by UKAS laboratories using GC/MS testing methods.All products are produced in strict accordance with laws and regulations.
Why Vape FEELLiFE?
✓FDA complied and GCC complied bottle
✓TPD  complied
✓USP Raw Materials & ISO 8 laboratory
✓Experienced California Chemist
✓Automatic production line, production capacity up to 100000pcs/day
✓AEMSA (American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) and Pharmaceutical grade production standard
✓ISO22000 and cGMP (Dynamic pharmaceutical production management norms) certificate
✓More effective delivery time, lower logistics cost,high quality

Factory Address:  202 North California Ave, City of Industry CA 91744 U.S.A.Fruits Flavor Peach E Liquid
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